Artwork by Lynn C Davis

I invite you to explore my artwork. I worked with many media. For more details on upcoming exhibits, click on the Exhibits tab below.


I have collected many different papers, including printed and painted papers, which are the basis for my collage work. Incorporating watercolor painting --sometimes in detail and sometimes just colors and shapes -- I seek a balance of composition & texture.  


Watercolor is pure fun. It is so juicy, mixing colors on the paper, dry brushing for different effects, hard edges and soft edges, with many surprises happening as I work with each piece. It is an expression of enjoyment, which comes through in the outcome. 


Acrylics give me a challenge.  I love to abstract with the paint, but I also like working with it in a traditional way. Acrylics represent versatility, and for this reason I often incorporate them into my mixed media work.

Mixed Media

My Mixed Media endeavors include paint, paper, objects, wax and photographs on paper, canvas or board.  I push myself to not think while I create, but to go with the flow and just do.